Rigorous, modern governance,
in line with the most exacting codes of good practice

List of Directors :
Antoine Frey, Firmament Participations
Aude Frey, Firmament Participations
Jean-Pierre Cédelle, Firmament Participations
Jean-Noël Dron, Firmament Participations
Thomas Riegert, Firmament Participations
Yann Briand, Sogecap, independent Director 
Magali Chessé, Predica
Brigitte Gouder de Beauregard, AG Finance
Nathalie Robin, Cardif Assurance Vie, independent Director  
Jean Lavieille, independent Director
List of non-voting members :
Jean-Christophe Littaye, CIC Investissement
Benoît Mercier, Caisse d’Epargne
Gilles Emond, AG Finance
Françoise Debrus, Predica
Franck Mathe, Effi Invest II

The Board of Directors has set up three specialised committees
 which operate under its responsibility

Investment Committee

Antoine Frey, Chairman
Yann Briand
Jean-Pierre Cédelle
Françoise Debrus
Brigitte Gouder de Beauregard
Nathalie Robin 


Audit Committee

Jean Lavieille, Chairman
Jean-Pierre Cédelle
Magali Chessé
Brigitte Gouder de Beauregard
Nathalie Robin 

and Remuneration Committee

Yann Briand, Chairman
Magali Chessé
Jean-Noël Dron
Brigitte Gouder de Beauregard
Jean Lavieille