Social responsability

In the business, charity or arts sector, Frey Group’s approach stems from our constant desire to improve the quality of urban living.

Local economic development


When Frey makes a long-term commitment to local authorities and their representatives, by developing its expertise as a planner and developer, the Group systematically invests in the local social fabric and economy.


Systematic investment in local jobs

To support jobseekers in the local areas concerned, an agreement is systematically signed with the Pôle Emploi and Missions Locales organisations in the town where the project is located.



Vocational reintegration: Frey, partner of Cuisine Mode(s) d’emploi(s)

Since 2013, Frey Group has sponsored the cooking school Cuisine Mode d’emploi(s) founded by the chef Thierry Marx.

Winner of the Social Engagement Award 2016, the school gives free courses in cooking, bakery, catering and seafood for people who are out of work. At the end of the 11-week course, the participants receive a qualification recognised by the State and the vocational sector.

This long-term partnership fits with the Group’s aim of helping people who are out of work re-enter the labour market and re-creating social links in cities. It will soon be extended to the Palais du Commerce de Rennes, developed by Frey’s urban mixed-use business unit Citizers.

Thanks to this sponsorship, 150 jobseekers – 90% of the school’s students – have found jobs every year, following a recognised, demanding course.




Local charity involvment


Through its actions supporting local charities, Frey helps local authorities to develop economic activity and mutual support within the local regions.


The Social Club®

The Social Club® is a Frey Group innovation designed to promote and develop the local community. The Social Club® is a versatile, sociable place for people to gather, open to the city and open to everyone.


Find out about the Social Club® on our Innovation page





Art sponsorship


In addition to its support for numerous local cultural associations, Frey continuously sponsors contemporary art and the artists who bring it to life, through its private collection and the artworks produced on the façades of its Shopping Promenade®.


For example, the walls of the Clos du Chêne retail park in Marne la Vallée (77) have been invaded by a unique cultural display, sponsored by the artist Speedy Graphito. The towns of Montévrain and Chanteloup-en-Brie joined forces with FREY to organise this major event, responding to a joint desire to highlight the local area and make street art accessible to as many people as possible. In spring 2019, 21 works by world famous artists appeared on the walls of the largest outdoor shopping centre in the east of Paris.





Comitment to sustainable change in the city


As education and reflection are the keys to the future, FREY Group works with major stakeholders involved in building the city of the future.



Participation in the ESSEC Business School Real Estate and Sustainable Development Chair

Through its support and participation in the ESSEC Business School Real Estate and Sustainable Development Chair, FREY contributes to the teaching of the economics and finance of real estate, giving students an understanding of the economic mechanisms in the real estate market and expertise in asset management tools.


Support for the Fondation Palladio

FREY Group is a contributing member of the Fondation Paladio, founded in 2008 to support the construction of urban and lifestyle spaces.


Focus on


Clos du Chêne - An open-air street art museum

2007 opening
52000 sqm
12 artists
22 works of art

12 internationally renowned artists, federated by Speedy Graphito, have produced 22 monumental works of art on stores facades:

Speedy Graphito / Lady M / Akhine / Vinie / Romain Froquet / Doudou’style / RNST / Pro176 / Kashink / Mosko / Chanoir / Ravo.

Clos du Chêne is now the largest open-air urban art museum in France. Come and discover these extraordinary works all year round.

Find the map of the street art journey and a presentation of the artists on Clos du Chêne’s website.

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