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In the heart of one of the largest shopping areas in France, Shopping Promenade® Coeur Alsace offers its visitors a real enhanced experience with a varied merchandising mix, real leisure and dining spaces, all in a green and welcoming frame.

In collaboration with a local group of farmers, an Agropark of more than 5 hectares is dedicated to the cultivation of organic products distributed on site in an ultra-short supply chain.


More information about the Agropark on our Sustainable Development page



Focus on

The development of the North Commercial Zone

Winner of the development competition launched by the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg in 2013, Frey leads here the largest urban and commercial renewal operation ever launched in France.

Sustainable development project certified HQE Aménagement®, the operation meets environmental, economic and societal sustainability objectives.

Implanted on the territory of 4 municipalities of the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg (Vendenheim, Mundolsheim, Lampertheim and Reichstett), the North Commercial Zone is a typical site of the entrances of French city: a development without coherence and piecemeal since 1975 and the arrival of a CORA hypermarket.

Frey, as a developer but also as an investor, is in charge of the urban and commercial renewal of this vast territory of 150 hectares, with in particular the mission to create new public spaces (creation of access from an interchange motorway, creation of soft roads, …), to reclassify existing public spaces, to move certain signs for the creation of housing or public spaces and to define prescriptions for the entire perimeter.

  • Area: 150 Ha
  • 6 km of roads upgraded / 2 km of roads created
  • 9 km of soft mobility paths created
  • Creation of 400 housing units
  • Development budget: €75M
  • Tertiary activities created: 11,000 sqm
  • Urban Architect: AREP Ville – Denu & Paradon
  • Landscaper: Act 2 Landscape
  • Project management: INGEROP Consulting & Engineering
  • 1st tranche opening: 2021
  • End of mission: 2030


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Shopping Promenade Coeur Alsace

D63, 67116 Reichstett, France

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