Sustainable development

Groupement forestier FoREY

Frey, a committed and responsible player

Integrating sustainable development comes naturally to Frey Group. We take these concerns on-board during the design, construction and management of our eco-friendly retail and leisure parks.

2020 : launch of an innovative climate contribution strategy

Objective : carbon neutrality by 2030

Frey : which carbon footprint?

Frey 2019 carbon footprint (breakdown of emissions vs. scopes) : 275.887 t.eq. CO2

2030 climate contribution : the strategy

A massive commitment to the French timber industry :
€35 million over 10 years  for the acquisition and operation of sustainably managed forests in France (FSC of PEFC)

Frey is creating its own Forestry Groupe FoREY :
acquisition of an initial 104-hectare forest in Côte d’Or (France)

Reinforcement of Frey’s low-carbon model

An inclusive approach : all Frey’s stakeholders are involved in supporting this strategy :
employees, service providers, brands, local authorities, general public

Measuring progress and steering the strategy

Objective : reduce this charge to zero and achieve carbon neutrality by 2030

Focus on

Strasbourg (67)

Agriparc at Shopping Promenade® Cœur Alsace

2020 opening
5 agricultural hectares
100 % of the production distributed on site in an ultra-short circuit
40 local producers

Frey is developing, in its Shopping Promenade® Cœur Alsace, a collaboration with a local group of farmers and makes available to them, within the area, an Agropark of more than 5 hectares to cultivate organic products.

The collective will offer a point of sale and a restaurant using only products in an ultra-short cycle and from organic farming.

This collaboration is based on a deep conviction that it is possible to restructure urban life and trade in out-of-town areas while making the most of the opportunities in the surrounding land and renewing contact with local farms, a very popular idea among urban consumers.

This project has been designed in conjunction with local stakeholders including public bodies, elected representatives and farmers. The outcome is unique – a remarkable site promoting social diversity through its future customers (young people, adults and senior citizens, visitors, residents and employees from the industrial zone).


Shopping Promenade® Cœur Alsace

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