Rennes - Palais du Commerce - Renaissance Project

“Our challenge when building future cities : creating innovative and flexible destinations, generating added value for everybody and better living in town thanks to a virtuous and open approach of their conception”

Roger BARBARY, Director-General Citizers


Frey has used its lifestyle space expertise to create Citizers.

The Group has expanded its scope of action with this new business unit, developing mixed-use urban projects in city centres. Our ambition is to create a human, emotional, sustainable city of the future, focused on residents’ well-being.

Because cities evolve, Frey has created Citizers® to design their future

We support the urban change process by making people the focus of our design of original, social locations.

Destinations that deliver excitement and surprise, bringing people together around attractive, unusual uses and events. These places are the real cement of their local community.


Generating added value for everyone

We are committed to developing virtuous projects and guaranteeing their long-term viability.

Citizers benefits from the backing of Frey Group, a solid stakeholder in the projects it invests in and retains in its portfolio.

Le Palais du commerce à Rennes : un projet Frey-Citizers, exemple de mixité urbaine

Delivering innovative, adaptable, sustainable urban destinations

Creating vibrant urban centers by linking up places, people and uses.

Delivering humanist, meaningful projects that create links : designs that help people live better together, full of life and fun.

Producing adaptable, changing locations… anticipating future needs with reversible constructions.


A wide-ranging, innovative view of retail

“Any economic trade that brings residents together, breaks down barriers and creates a buzz, while contributing to the local economy.”




Focus on

Rennes (France)

Palais du commerce

2026 opening
12000 sqm

Designed by MVRDV architects and Bernard Desmoulin, the old, iconic post office building in Rennes will be transformed into a place for sharing and communication, for the benefit of the citizens of Rennes.

Designed to be a must-visit city centre lifestyle space, the project demonstrates Frey and Citizers’ desire to help local authorities build the city of the future. Working with them, we want to develop exemplary urban mixed-use programmes that breathe life into public spaces and support sustainable development.

The Palais du commerce project

Our other fields of expertise


Consumer expectations are changing and the rules of the retail world are being rewritten.

In response to these profound changes, Frey has created and designed Shopping Promenade®, a multi-purpose space, tapping into the powerful trends of creativity and innovation, combining offerings and uses, a space in tune with today’s aspirations and a new model fit for our times.

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"Developing a unique expertise as a town planner, developer and investor, Frey is today responding to these challenges and positioning itself as a real partner with agglomerations within the framework of their urban and commercial restructuring at the entrance to the city."

Antoine Frey, President and CEO

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